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Hot BBW cams

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La Liga: Results of Matches

La Liga: Results of Matches

The season of the Spanish Primera has reached its middle. So far, its main disappointment is the performance of Real Madrid, who is not fighting for the championship.

The Royal Club is undergoing a notable renovation. Despite the fact that in the summer there were not so many transfers, the team is beginning to gradually renovate itself. The contract signing with Diaz is the first confirmation of this fact. One of the main problems of Real is the fact that most of the leaders of the club have already seriously aged and lost motivation. Even despite the fact that the best player in the world of 2018, Luka Modric, plays for this club, his presence on the field often does not help to improve the results.

La Liga results for Real Madrid were not very comforting from the very beginning of the tournament. The logical result of this was the dismissal of Lopetegui from the post of head coach of the team. The new coach, Santiago Solari, started off well, but gradually the results of the matches became less and less pleasant for the Royal club. You can always find them at flashlivescore in full.

What to Expect from Second Half of Season

After half of the tournament distance has passed, Real actually found itself pushed into a corner, because the team even risks to not make it into the Champions League zone. Of course, it is hard to believe that the Meringues will not enter the top-4 at the end of the season, but they need to start playing now in order to really claim to win trophies. The trumps Scolari’s team include:

Great experience. Previously, Real found the way out of much more difficult situations, so the fans are ready to wait before their favorites return to the top.
Long bench. There is always someone to enhance the game, because it’s almost impossible to put all the stars of the team in the starting lineup. Because of this, the coach can make rotations and give rest to the leaders.

Higher level of person expertise. Even if the team does not succeed during the match, there is always a player on the field who can singlehandedly get a positive result for the Royal Club.
This season can be called transitional for the team, but the fans simply will not forgive their favorite club for failures. Also to Primera, even though they are used to seeing Real only in the first places, and this applies not only to the Champions League. Here, everything is not easy for the Solari’s squad, but there is still time to change the situation.

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