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On the item side of things, Ogier/Eric’s Hook Hand he receives after the loss of his left hand is omitted completely. Adaptation Dye Job: Hasting was a reddish blond, Einar on the other hand is just straight up blond! Morgana had black hair in the novel as opposed to the golden hair of the film. […]

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The mid 1960s brought a rash of drawings made with ballpoint pens, rulers and French curves that are the least known of Von Bruenchenhein’s work. Many of them were glued into a large album of wallpaper samples that is also part of the show, and that viewers can page through in digital animation. Their fine […]

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McALLEN, Texas The Justice Department on Thursday asked a federal judge to change the rules regarding the detention of immigrant families who enter the country illegally, seeking permission to detain them for longer than 20 days in an effort to keep children with their parents. Border illegally. The Flores settlement states that families cannot be […]

Bring along a cooler for the cold foods

choosing the right flux for soldering wholesale replica handbags When you look at statistics on minimum wage, you have to put them into context. Bureau of Labor statistics will say that Texas has the highest number of people earning at or below minimum wage, however they are only looking at the Federal minimum wage rate. […]