New Study: Where to Find a Romantic Partner

Do you want more romance in your life? It might be time to consider a move to Florida! Our newest data study of 150,000 singles has revealed the 25 American cities where people most strongly agree with the statement ‘I bring romance to my relationships.’ The #1 city for those seeking a romantic partner? Boynton Beach, Florida.

For this study, we looked at random, anonymous user data from 150,000 singles registered with EliteSingles. In particular, we looked at responses to the statement ‘I bring romance to my relationships.’ The more strongly people agreed with this statement, the more romantic they were deemed to be.

To determine the best places in America to find a romantic partner, we then looked at the average score for romance in each city.1 This let us pinpoint the 25 most romantic cities in the country – and as you’ll see, if you live in Florida or California, romance might be closer than you think!

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