«She seldom sets foot in the West Wing

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aaa replica bags Giuliani, one of Trump’s lawyers, told NBC News that payment was made «to prevent personal embarrassment and heartache to [Trump’s] wife.»Another awkward exchange happened April 26 with Trump calling into «Fox Friends,» announcing that it was Melania’s birthday, and then suddenly talking about Daniels. Asked on the same TV show what he had gotten Melania for her birthday, he paused: «Maybe, I didn’t get her replica bags lv so much. I got her a beautiful card, you know I’m very busy to be running out looking for presents.»According to several White House staff members, Melania has erected a de facto wall between the East Wing, where she is renovating her office and enjoying growing popularity, and the West Wing, where her husband and Ivanka Trump, replica bags in pakistan her eldest stepdaughter, have offices.While she goes to the West Wing for official duties, she does not walk down the hall, pop her head in and see how the president’s day is going.»She seldom sets foot in the West Wing,» said one person with firsthand knowledge.Yet, many political analysts believe that Trump will need Melania at his side if he wants to win again in 2020.The Trumps have broken the traditional mold of a presidential family from the moment he was sworn in. aaa replica bags

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