The one time I landed there I had a wing seat and the plane

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replica bags china 46 points submitted 9 days replica bags in bangkok agoHonestly John Wayne airport should just be shut down, and not because of the name. It’s by far the scariest place I’ve ever had to land in a jet, because the morons in Orange County allowed residential development to encroach right up to the runway, and now there’s a shitload of rules regarding takeoffs and landings.They have to drop the airspeed replica bags vancouver so low on landings that they nearly have to «flap» to keep the plane in the air. The one time I landed there I had a wing seat and the plane was lurching so wildly the wingtip nearly hit the ground, and this was a perfectly calm sunny day.Will never fly into that airport again.Flannel_Man 106 points submitted 16 days agoSo, the way your brain works to make you do things is by releasing happy juices when you do the things it likes replica bags china.

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