The red circle on fortresses indicates the area of effect for

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Like my 80 year old grandparents who just came over. They cant speak english, but they never leave the house so it not a problem.And as someone who born to immigrant parents. That an entirely fair and necessary thing to ask for.. The red circle on fortresses indicates the area of effect for their field; this is also the area within which you cannot build other military stations (you can only stack so tight). Multiple fortresses with inhibitors are great for ensuring that the system stays closed; even if your initial inhibitor station is destroyed by a warfleet, as long as there another inhibitor in the system, hostile ships jumping into the system will get pulled to one of the remaining inhibitors. Another tactic is to place an inhibitor on top of the sun (longest distance to jump space) and then encircle it with six stations that have a different field instead of an inhibitor, that way any trapped fleet must contend with multiple assaults on their way to jump space.

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