There are genuine shortages in things like housing and

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Hermes Replica Belt Sexualising children is just fundamentally a gross thing to do, even when they fictional, and I really not a fan of how much people seemingly want to (or in some communities, have) normalise putting kids in skimpy outfits.All healers share the same gear (and jewelry) other than weapons at all levels, and additionally share with all casters prior to lv50 in most cases. (Same applies to DPS casters in reverse.)ARC, BRD, and MCH share gear (and jewelry) other than weapons at all levels, and additionally share all gear with ROG/NIN prior to lv50 as well. (On top of this, ROG/NIN shares jewelry with ARC/BRD/MCH at all levels.)PUG/MNK/SAM share all gear (and jewelry) other than weapons at all levels, and additionally share many pieces with LNC/DRG prior to lv50 as well Hermes Replica Belt.

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