«We are extremely pleased with current drill results

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canada goose store The company said the pit zone has been closed off to the east, but remains open down plunge to the northwest, while the northeast zone is open to the east and down plunge.Current drilling at the project is focused on a series of high grade silver intercepts, recently found within breccia silver mineralization between the Pit and Northeast Zones, according to a company statement.Drilling is continuing to show high grades, with the latest holes returning 218 grams per tonne (g/t) of silver equivalent over 45 metres, including 415 g/t over 22 metres. In addition, hole DH189 intersected 152 g/t silver equivalent over 49 metres, including 333 g/t over 12 metres.»We are extremely pleased with current drill results,» said president and CEO James McDonald in the release. «The current drill canada goose outlet in toronto intercepts are contained within the project’s 1.5 km, Single Whittle Pit Shell and show the high grade breccia zone extending an additional 75 meters down dip to depth in previously untested areas of the Northeast zone.»The company said the holes sit next to, and outside of the inferred resource at the project, and that the extension of this priority zone stands to play a major factor in expanding the resource canada goose store.

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